Event Rental

Do you have a large event in mind, and need a facility to host it in? We can rent you our entire facility, for the length of time your event needs. This is great for dance parties, private jams, shows, conferences, seminars, mini festivals, weddings, and weekend retreats. Attendees to your event do not need memberships.


All events require a deposit to officially reserve the space. That deposit shall be half the minimum fee for the event, and is non-refundable. It will be deducted from the total owed at the completion of the contract.

Guidelines and Considerations

  • If you are charging admission you will need to supply someone to run door. Remember they will need change and a cashbox.
  • Soulace is a smoke free and drug free facility. Anyone found having drugs in the facility will be asked to leave. Smoking is allowed on the porch, and vaping is allowed inside, provided the content of the vape is legal.
  • Soulace does not have a bar. However, we do offer the option that your event can be BYOB. If you wish to do this, there will be an extra $100 cleanup fee and $20 / hr, per guard, for Soulace to hire professional security for your event. We estimate at 1 guard for events under 75 patrons, 2 guards for 75- 150, and 3 guards for 150 - 200. This is non-negotiable. Everyone will be carded at the door and wrist banded. The above estimates on numbers of guards may vary if your event is deemed particularly high or low risk for any reason.