So how does this work? We have settled on a membership model for usage of the space. All of our memberships are auto-renewing monthly memberships.We have a need to make the money to keep our doors open, so we highly encourage people to sign up to be members. However, membership is not the only way to use the space. In order to best suit the needs of you or your group, we have organized a fairly simple setup that works as follows:



Basic: $30/month

This grants 24 /7 access to the space for Open Flow when it is not reserved for a workshop, rehearsal, class, or event.



Gold: $40/month

Do you want to bring a friend, more than occasionally? This option covers your basic membership, as well as a permanent guest pass. There is no limit to the number of times you may use this in one month. 



Rehearsal: $50/month

This level grants basic membership plus a 3 hour a week credit for reservation of private rehearsal time. The credits do not roll over, and there is no penalty for not using them. 



Rehearsal Silver: $60/month

Regular Rehearsal membership plus an extra hour per week of rehearsal, 4 hours a week for $60 per month.



Rehearsal Gold: $80/month

Grants 4 hours of rehearsal time per week, plus the ability to bring a friend, all for $80 a month.



Extra Rehearsal Time: $15/hour

So maybe you are not a rehearsal member, yet you are still a member, and you just need a couple of hours one month. Or perhaps you are already a rehearsal member and just have a big show coming up so you need extra time. No problem! As always, please contact us to schedule your time.



Group Membership: $5 off any tier

Are you in a dance troupe? A theater company? A juggling group? Does your group need a space to play and practice? Group members receive discounts on membership. Contact us to talk more about this option.



Day Pass: $10/day

For those who do not wish to purchase a membership but do want to visit the space with an existing member, you can purchase a day pass.



Sponsorship $10/month

Is Soulace something you really want to support, but you don't live nearby? Do you want to just help us survive? Every dollar counts! This membership level also functions as a once a month day pass.