Soulace Affiliates

As part of our goals to expand our community in healthy and supportive ways, Soulace is home to many groups and organizations. We are proud to work with all of them, and happily supply contact information for as many of them as possible. Please take a moment to learn about some of those we work with, who play differing yet vital roles in our mission.

Good Energy Massage Therapy

Providing quality massage care in Nashville for over half a decade, Paul Hull LMT of Good Energy Massage gives relief for those in need of care. Often referred to by our clients as "one of the best ever" and sometimes simply "the only LMT for me", Paul works with everything from basic soreness to PTSD to complex medical conditions and everything in between, and are housed inside of Soulace itself. Whether you need need deep work or a gentle calming touch, GEM just might be right for you.

Good Energy Massage Therapy Website

Good Energy Massage Therapy on Facebook 

Souls United

Remembering those who may have been forgotten in the communities we serve, our homeless brothers and sisters living in the streets, Sheldon at Souls United works hard to help nourish their bodies and their souls on a weekly basis. Soulace provides low cost storage for their dried goods, donated clothing, and some refrigerated goods.

Contact Sheldon to volunteer or donate.

Souls United Website

Souls United on Facebook


Singe City Circus

Since City offers a wide variety of circus and sideshow performers. Their selection of talented artists and performers in the fire, flow, sideshow, and circus arts communities is sure to impress. Contact them today for booking!

Singe City Circus Website

Singe City Circus on Facebook