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About Soulace

Soulace was originally a center for the movement arts specializing in the Flow Arts in Nashville, Tennessee. That space has closed, but the idea and function of Soulace lives on. We actively support the flow arts by providing for practice, opportunities for sharing knowledge, therapy, and community outreach. Soulace is the sum of its creators, and the creators are the people who use us. As we share our movement, stillness, music, art, management, team building, mindfulness, and communication skills, we foster the growth of our community.

A person who practices an art, craft or pursuit in order to achieve a “Flow State” is called a flow practitioner or a flow artist. One essential part of Soulace is providing a space for flow practitioners to practice their technique. Some flow practices which we cater to include (but are not limited to): dance, drumming, hooping, juggling, lyra, aerial silks, painting, poi, project management, relationship management, silks, staff, massage, meditation, workflow management, Qi Gong, and yoga.

You can read more about flow here.